Finding the Best Software Fit

By | March 21st, 2018

As social and dining memberships continue to climb, clubs must match their needs to the right point-of-sale system.

Members expect a lot from their club’s food-and-beverage operation. They want high-quality food at a good value, and seamless, personalized service. And with social and dining memberships on the rise, point-of-sale (POS) systems that are F&B-focused can play a big part in how well a club serves its members.

But country clubs have unique POS system needs. Functionality, reliability, performance, and capability are critical. Ditto for price, warranty, technical support, future enhancements, and after-purchase care.

Here are some additional features clubs should consider when shopping for POS software:

Paying Toward Minimums. Some systems allow the front-of-the-house staff to add one or more members’ names to a check, and then lets those members make individual payments toward their respective minimums.

Customization. Some systems allow clubs to print tasks for checks, prep tickets, clock-in and clock-out slips, and POS-based server reports.

Transfer Checks. Servers need to be able to transfer single and multiple open checks from one staff member to another, and to shift menu items between member checks quickly and easily.

Fire When Ready. POS systems that allow staff to select and hold menu items, so they do not print in the kitchen immediately, are important. Some systems allow staff to fire held items manually, or to set a timer so they can be sent automatically.

Staff Management. POS systems can replace traditional time clocks by allowing staff members to clock in at the beginning of their shifts. They can also allow managers to organize breaks and edit clock-in errors.

Off the Grid. POS systems that can function regardless of Internet connectivity or server failure, without loss of data, are especially useful in club facilities where WiFi can be spotty.

Terminal Flexibility. Can all terminals be used for all jobs, from menu changes to bar orders? If flexibility is important, be sure to find a POS system that allows for it.

Another Round. Can your server reorder a round of drinks for every member on a check with a single tap of the screen? Some POS systems can “remember” previous orders and assign each member’s drink to the appropriate account.

Ready for 86. POS systems that can support more effective front- and back-of-the house communication can be highly useful in busy club kitchens. Some POS systems keep servers updated on out-of-stock menu items and offer suggested alternatives that can be presented to the member or guest at the table.

Comprehensive Functionality. If the same POS system will be used for all of your club operations, it’s critical for clubs to find a system that works in all dining venues, including table service, counter service, delivery and takeout, and turn stand and poolside purchases.

Ultimately, clubs must shop for the POS system that satisfies the most operational needs at the best value—but F&B needs to be a top consideration in the buying process.

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