Toro® Sand Pro® 3040 and 5040 Attachments

By | February 7th, 2018

• With over 20 attachments available to enhance the utility of a Toro Sand Pro 3040 and 5040, superintendents are able to repair a bunker, edge a path, groom sand, blow debris, or reconstruct a tee with a single machine
• Attachments include: the edger attachment, which provides a crisp, finished look along the edges of cart paths, planting beds and waste areas; the lip-broom attachment, which can help clear away trimmings and maintain the overall health of the turfgrass; and the bunker-pump attachment (pictured), which is capable of throwing excess bunker water up to 40 feet and can pump 95 gallons per minute
• The bunker-pump attachment is powered by remote hydraulics and the hose kit provides the operator with the ability to drop the hose into hard-to-reach areas
• The Toro Sand Pro 3040 and 5040 attachments mount to the unit through the innovative Quick Attach System™, which allows operators to change attachments in less than a minute

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