$12M Renovation Begins at Great Hills CC

By | February 20th, 2018

The project at the Austin, Texas property will replace an existing 11,000-sq. ft. clubhouse and administration building with a new two-story, 27,000-sq. ft. clubhouse, and also construct a pool pavilion and 4,500-sq. ft. community recreation building. Completion is scheduled for the summer of 2019, and the club plans to keep current facilities operational until the new structures are ready.

Construction is due to start before February ends on an all-new Great Hills Country Club in northwest Austin, Texas, through a project that will replace existing facilities at the club, which originally opened in the mid-1970s, the Austin American-Statesman reported.

The new, $12 million complex will consist of a two-story, 27,000-sq. ft. clubhouse; a 4,500-sq. ft. community recreation building; and a pool pavilion, plus new parking lots and other improvements, the American-Statesman reported. The new club is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2019.

The existing clubhouse and administration building cover about 11,000 square feet.

Great Hills CC members voted in March 2016 to approve the construction of a new complex, the American-Statesman reported, and the project received a site plan permit from the city of Austin on January 12th.

McKinney York is the architecture firm for the project, and Club Design Associates is the general contractor.

Executives with Garrett-Ihnen Civil Engineers said they have finalized plans to overcome the logistical and engineering challenges of building an entirely new country club while the existing one remains open during construction, the American-Statesman reported.

“There hasn’t been a golf course renovation and clubhouse reconstruction of this magnitude in Austin in the past several decades, or maybe ever, because most sites are completely closed during construction, said Steve Ihnen, President of Garrett-Ihnen. “But we’ve developed a multi-stage plan that will allow the current facility to remain operational with minimal interruption while we do our work.”

One challenge, Ihnen said, was figuring out how to relocate all of the existing utilities, which run beneath the site of the future building and must supply the old clubhouse during construction.

“Water, wastewater, electricity, gas, telephone, and Internet — everything has to be moved,” Ihnen said. “So we’ve planned a new central hub for utilities between the old building and the new building.”

The hub will serve the old building initially, and ultimately, the new one, Ihnen said, and service will then be shut off to the old building when it’s time to demolish it.

“We have a challenging project, no doubt about it,” said Larry Harper, Great Hills’ General Manager. “But our project finally is moving forward because we hired the right engineers who could figure out a plan that would allow us to stay open, and get it all permitted with the city.”

2 Responses to $12M Renovation Begins at Great Hills CC

  1. Bob Devitz says:

    I hope they did their due diligence. Perhaps they have the reserves to pay for a lot of it in cash, but taking on significant debt and assessing to fund the expansion as well as maybe operations, is often the pathway to disaster. I don’t know the facts here, but have seen this scenario result in many clubs going out of business.

  2. Mark Gaither says:

    We are looking for new members. Come join us before the waitlist gets too long.

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