Electrolux Professional Pressure Braising Pans

By | November 14th, 2017

• Able to achieve the best cooking results in terms of taste, food color and consistency, as well as vitamin preservation and less alteration of nutritional elements
• In addition to pressure cooking, you can roast, pot-roast, braise, simmer, boil and steam in the unit
• Cooking in the pressure braising pan assures a consistent reduction of cooking time and low energy consumption
• Incorporates an innovative touch-screen control panel in multiple languages, clearly visible from a distance, with intuitive icons for easy and precise setting of temperature and power level
• Safety mechanism prevents lid from opening even in case of voluntary attempt when cooking under pressure, while safety valve on the lid avoids overpressure in the food compartment
• Fast, easy and thorough cleaning thanks to the IPX6 water protection level, 8 times higher against strong jets of water
• Electric and gas models available; 24-gallon and 45-gallon models available

Electrolux Professional

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