Why Seattle is Perfect for the 2018 Chef to Chef Conference

By | October 10th, 2017

Attendees of C&RB’s 10th Annual Chef to Chef Conference—to be held in Seattle, March 4-6, 2018—will have the unique opportunity to explore the Emerald City’s many culinary delights.

Seattle has been named “Best Food City” by numerous publications in recent years. Its restaurant scene has exploded, and its markets offer some of the best local products specific to the region.

In March 2018, Seattle will play host for the first time to C&RB’s annual Chef to Chef Conference, giving attendees a unique opportunity to explore its many culinary delights.

Growth in Seattle, from a restaurant standpoint, is off the charts,” says Eric Floyd, Executive Chef of the city’s Washington Athletic Club. Floyd will serve as Local Conference Coordinator for the 2018 Chef to Chef Conference, assisting National Conference Coordinator Jerry Schreck, Executive Chef of Merion Golf Club, Ardmore, Pa.

“Over 300 new restaurants opened in Seattle last year alone,” Floyd explains. “Fast-casual is really big here right now, but there are so many different options. It will definitely be a challenge [for attendees] to decide where to eat [while at the Conference].”

Floyd recently took time to provide further insights to Chef to Chef into what club chefs, food-and-beverage directors and general managers can look forward to when attending the Conference in the Emerald City next year.

C2C: What does Seattle have to offer to club chefs that other big cities can’t, or don’t?

EF: Seattle is a cultural melting pot, with a wide variety of culinary opportunity and exploration. The many different ethnic backgrounds of the people who live here have made Seattle an amazing place for chefs to thrive.

C2C: What will club chefs find most interesting about Seattle’s culinary scene?

GV: The diversity and sheer magnitude of our restaurant scene.

C2C: Monday night during the Conference is kept free for attendees to dine on their own. What are some of the best restaurants in Seattle they should consider going to, either on that night or if they have extra time in the city either before or after the Conference?

GV: There are many. I’d say Canlis, Opus Co., Eden Hill, Junebaby, Tentenyu, Iconiq, Millers Guild, The Lakehouse, Palace Kitchen, Dahlia Lounge and New Luck Toy are among the best..

C2C: What are some Seattle-specific culinary trends or attractions they should try to experience?

GV: Seattle is known for coffee, so there is a lot to see, drink and learn about that here. Attendees should also check out Pike Place Market (see photo, top left). It’s a special community within the heart of Seattle’s downtown; it’s a farmer’s market with hundreds of farmers, craftspeople, small businesses and residents. The Seattle Center and International District are also worth a visit if there’s time.

C2C: How would you define Seattle’s regional cuisine?

GV: Multi-cultural and seafood-heavy. There is so much diversity within the restaurant and culinary scenes. And our proximity to the water brings us some of the best seafood there is to offer.

C2C: What do you love most about Seattle?

GV: The culinary opportunity this city provides, plus all the amazing outdoor activities.

Register for the 2018 Chef to Chef Conference here.

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