“Murder” Props Alarm Tedesco CC Neighbors

By | September 13th, 2017

Police received two phone calls about a body lying face-down on the eighth hole of the Marblehead, Mass., golf course. Props, including the mannequin, were set up for an event, as part of a gangster scene.

One woman driving by Tedesco Country Club reportedly notified police on September 12 about a body by a pond on the eighth hole of the Marblehead, Mass., course, the Lynn, Mass., Daily Item reported.

The body was actually a mannequin purposely placed there by Tedesco’s women’s member guests, who were putting their props all over the course as part of some kind of gangster scene, said member Tim McDonough. Police came and picked up the mannequin, the Daily Item reported.

“It’s funny as heck,” McDonough said.

Swampscott Police Sgt. Tim Cassidy said the department hadn’t been notified about the club’s intention to place props on the course before responding, and that people had been calling on it. The initial call regarding the body/mannequin came in Tuesday morning, but police received a second similar call later that afternoon, the Daily Item reported.

Cassidy has heard two stories—one was that someone is shooting a movie and the mannequin was a movie prop and someone else said the golf course is having some kind of tournament and that was part of it. The mannequin was initially confiscated by police, but was later returned, the Daily Item reported.

“Obviously, they should have called us first and said they’re going to be having a mannequin laying next to the pond,” Cassidy said.

See an image of the mannequin here.

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