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By | August 24th, 2017

Rumson (N.J.) Country Club

Rumson CC gave the traditional paint-and-sip class a club-specific twist, using a popular view from the property as the students’ subject.

Paint-and-sip-style events that offer basic painting instruction as attendees enjoy a glass of wine have exploded in popularity over the past few years. Rumson (N.J.) Country Club adopted the trend for an event in 2016, with the artistic focus put on a special view from the club’s property.

Rumson CC hosted 30 members for 2.5 hours of painting instruction by artist Nancy France-Vaz, providing the canvas, easel, brushes and paints at a cost of $35 per person. Attendees gathered on the club’s Riverhouse Porch on a sunny day in September, and painted a scene of the Shrewsbury River in front of them.

Rumson (N.J.) Country Club

“The view from the Riverhouse is spectacular, as it sits high above the water level, a requirement after Superstorm Sandy,” says General Manager Michael Kurtas, Jr., CCM, CCE. “The venue is probably one of the best spots on the planet to sit, sip and unwind.

“Our art instructor [captured] the waterscape, with blue skies, the Seabright barrier island in the distance, and sailboat-dotted waters below, producing a work of art worthy of display,” Kurtas adds.

The club offered wait service during the sold-out class, using a special bar menu that took into account the challenges that unwieldy or heavy foods might cause as members practiced their artistic skills.

“We offered light, quick appetizer items that would be served without getting in the way of the artists’ canvas and palette, and no greasy finger foods that might get messy,” Kurtas says. “Nothing too fancy or filling—we [wanted them] to stay for dinner after class!”

With participants expressing high satisfaction with the event, Rumson CC plans to offer another one this fall, shifting to a view of the club’s natural landscaped beach. In the winter, a kids’ class will focus on a view of the golf course.

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