North Shore GC Makes Healthy, Fresh Juices

By | August 9th, 2017

North Shore GC now offers seasonal, fresh-squeezed juices for use in drinks, smoothies, and libations.

Sometimes the best F&B ideas start with one consistent member request.

That was the case at North Shore Golf Club, located on Lake Winnebago in Menasha, Wis. And the request was for fresh-squeezed grapefruit mimosas.

“One of our most active members would order this cocktail at almost every visit,” says Mike Jernegan, Assistant Club Manager. “The bar staff would have to put the order for fresh-squeezed juice in through the kitchen, though, because we had no way to juice grapefruits behind the bar.”

If a cook wasn’t available, the order would often take longer than other drink orders. Seeing the potential to speed up service and take the heat off the back of the house, a member donated a commercial juicer.

“Craft cocktails are huge with our membership right now, so everyone was really excited about the potential mixers and juices we could create,” says Jernegan, who worked with North Shore’s Executive Chef Michael Short to develop new juices and recipes. “We started with the grapefruit mimosas and branched out from there.”

Today, North Shore has perfected 13 different juices, including blueberry, strawberry, strawberry-kiwi, green apple, orange, blood orange, grapefruit, mixed berry, celery, carrot, beet leaf, cucumber and jalapeño. 

“Our most common use of the juicer is for grapefruit mimosas, peach bellinis, and fresh margaritas,” says Jernegan. “We also use juice for large parties that require signature cocktails like a blackberry mojito, for example. We’ll juice a ton of blackberries and hold the juice in a squeeze bottle for quicker service at the bar.”

Each week, the club offers a specialty juice to its 200 members in the clubhouse’s main bar. Some popular combos include:

  • Celery, Beet Leafs, Kale, Blueberries, Cucumber and Honey
  • Carrot, Mixed Berries, Jalapeño and Strawberries
  • Blueberries, Green Apple, Orange/Blood Orange and Lime
  • Cucumber, Lime and Jalapeño
  • Mixed Berries, Celery, Orange, Carrot and Lime
  • Cucumber, Mixed Berries and Blueberry

“We can add alcohol to any or all of these juices,” says Jernegan.

At the moment, 75% of the juices served are used for craft cocktails, but Jernegan hopes to capitalize on the healthful nature of juice and his members’ growing interest to also increase sales of non-alcoholic orders. (Prices on juice currently range from $9 to $12.)

“We want to take fresh juices beyond weekly specials and mixers,” says Jernegan. “We plan to create a dedicated menu before the end of the summer.”

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