Almaden G&CC Plans Facility Upgrades

By | August 10th, 2017

The San Jose, Calif., property plans to rebuild its 4,100-sq. ft. pool house, reconfigure the pool, and transform its two tennis courts into a multi-purpose court and three bocce courts. If all goes as expected, the club hopes to begin work in October and be finished by next summer.

Almaden Golf and Country Club in San Jose, Calif., is poised to get a facelift later this year, the San Jose-based Mercury News reported.

The members-only facility recently applied to renovate its pool house and add bocce courts, among other upgrades. About a dozen residents showed up at an August 2 community meeting to get details of the proposed renovation from San Jose city staff and developers, the News reported.

“We’re just trying to update the existing facility that’s been there for nearly 60 years,” James Woodbury of developer Blach Construction. “It’s outdated and old and falling apart, and it needs to be brought up to current standards and codes.”

The clubhouse was renovated almost two years ago, so upgrading everything else only made sense, Woodbury said.

The project calls for a minor expansion of the approximately 4,100-sq. ft. pool house that’s to be entirely rebuilt. The pool will also be reconfigured, the News reported.

“The overall expansion of the building is roughly 200 sq. ft.,” Woodbury added.

One of two tennis courts on the 90-acre site will be turned into a multi-purpose court for tennis, volleyball and other sports, and the other will be transformed into three bocce courts. Higher retaining walls will be built along the front end of the property, the News reported.

Neighbors were satisfied enough with the project that the meeting ended in less than 30 minutes. Vickie Poitevin, whose house is close to the pool area, was one of several neighbors who praised the plans, which she hopes will “enhance and add status to the neighborhood,” the News reported.

“The facilities, locker rooms, et cetera, are terribly substandard and need to be replaced,” Poitevin said, adding that the country club has always been a “good neighbor” during the 40-plus years she’s lived next door.

Jane Hoyt O’Callahan, who rents out a family house in the neighborhood, said she loves the project as well. “I think it’s fabulous,” Hoyt O’Callahan said. “I’m a swimmer and when my mother lived here, we were members. I always had fun at the pool, and I’m delighted to see it revamped.”

Planning staff said it will be about two months before the project goes to the planning commission for review. If all goes as expected, Woodbury said the hope is “we can get started the first of October and be finished by next summer.”

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