Waynesboro CC’s Junior Golf Camp Aims to Grow the Game

By | July 14th, 2017

Ninety-three aspiring players participated in the four-day camp where they learned golf fundamentals thanks to pros from both WCC and surrounding clubs.  

This past week, Waynesboro (Pa.) Country Club welcomed 93 aspiring players, between the ages of 4 and 15, for its junior golf camp, which was started more than 25 years ago and averages 100 players each session.

“Making sure the kids have fun is a top priority, as is the experience,” Darren Smith, Head Golf Professional at WCC, told The Record Herald. “There are a wide range of skill levels, but they all really seem to enjoy it. We just want to give them an opportunity to fall in love with the game.”

The camp lasts four days, with the first three focused on instruction. The final day features a miniature tournament, as the different age groups play a designated number of holes while keeping score.

“We focus on the fundamentals with instruction, games and different stations,” Smith told The Herald. “Then on the last day we have a tournament. The little kids will play one hole with the older kids playing four. Then the ages in between play two or three. We’ll have an awards ceremony at the end, which the kids really like.”

As part of the event, Pros from around the area participate in the camp. Additional volunteers are also on hand to help make sure every child receives his or her fair share of attention.

“There are six pros this week which makes it nice,” Smith said. “We split it up into six groups, so each pro oversees a group. We’re just one big support group that understands these kids are the future of golf in the area.”