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By | May 31st, 2017

The five-mile “Taco Ride” at Champions Run included “party stops” with something for all ages—including games for kids and gummy bears soaked in vodka for adults.

At Champions Run in Omaha, Neb., the “Taco Ride” combines on-site exercise with an energetic, party atmosphere that appeals to all ages.

An event that focuses on health doesn’t have to be devoid of fun—or flavor. At Champions Run in Omaha, Neb., the “Taco Ride” combines on-site exercise with an energetic, party atmosphere that appeals to all ages.

The event was implemented in 2016 as a wellness initiative, consisting of a bike ride through the golf course, followed by a poolside celebration.
“It’s a great way for members to get out and play with their kids and friends, or meet other families,” says Director of Aquatics and Fitness Ben Lorenzen.

Champions Run, Omaha, Neb.

THE GOAL: Offer a fun health and wellness initiative for kids and adults at Champions Run.
THE PLAN: Set up a five-mile bike ride when the golf course is closed with “party stops” along the way, finishing at the pool with tacos and drinks.
THE PAYOFF: An easy-to-execute event that brings traffic to the club on an otherwise slow day and will now be offered on a monthly basis.

The five-mile bike ride on the golf course’s cart paths is punctuated by “party stops,” with offerings for all ages. Kids can enjoy “bumping” music and games, like hula hoop contests, bean bag tournaments and water balloons, while adults can enjoy Jell-O shots and gummy bears soaked in vodka, says Lorenzen.

The event proved so popular in 2016 that the club hosted another Taco Ride this year on May 8, and now plans to continue to offer them once a month, because they are easy to plan and execute, Lorenzen says. The most recent event had 130 people biking the golf course on a Monday when the course was closed.

“The biggest challenge is offering the event on Mondays,” says Lorenzen. “We get a great turnout, but I think if we offered it on a Friday or Saturday, it would double. But those days would interfere with golf.”

After the ride, members can enjoy tacos and drinks poolside or take a swim. While at the pool, the Champions Run staff offers entertainment, including a bike show with staff members riding a bike off a ramp into the pool.

“We have our staff dressed up and refreshments for both adults and kids,” Lorenzen says. “People love it!”

The Champions Run staff entertained with poolside acrobatics, including riding bikes off ramps and landing in the pool, after members finished the five-mile bike ride through the golf course.

While there are plenty of party elements incorporated into the event, it is, at its core, a wellness initiative. As a result, some members opt for the extra workout and bike the course multiple times, Lorenzen says.

The second time the club hosted the event, the staff made a few changes, including offering more party stops throughout and replacing the taco truck at the end of the ride with a taco buffet. “People seem to like getting their food right away, instead of waiting in line at the taco truck,” Lorenzen notes.








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