Elevate Umami Flavor with Little Soya Soy Sauce

By | August 24th, 2014

The “everything sauce” can help bring out the “fifth taste” and meet increased demand for bolder cuisine.

Often called the “fifth taste,” more and more chefs are finding new ways to elevate the umami characteristics of their food, especially with the increased demand for bolder cuisine. Known for its rich umami flavor and complexity, Little Soya, an award-winning gluten-free, low-sodium, non-GMO and no-MSG-added premium soy sauce, has become an essential ingredient for chefs looking to elevate flavor and add dimension to their dishes.

A back-of-house essential, Little Soya is being used by chefs as an “everything sauce” for its versatility in so many different cuisines and meal parts. Regardless of the type of dish, it enhances flavor without needing to add extra salt, sugar or fat. Marinades, finishing sauces, specialty cocktails and even desserts are taking on more savory characteristics with the addition of Little Soya. It is also being used in place of regular soy sauce, tamari, mushroom and oyster sauce.

And it’s not just Asian-inspired chefs who are turning to Little Soya; according to Gary T. Murphy, the company’s founder and CEO. Fifty percent of Little Soya’s business is a mix of American, BBQ, Mexican, Peruvian, Italian and Indian, Murphy says.

For example, Little Soya is used to elevate the following dishes and cocktails by these acclaimed restaurants:

  • Fish and Shrimp Ceviche—Batanga
  • Thai Style Oyster Rockerfeller Pan Roast—Underbelly
  • Rotisserie Almond Chicken and Quinoa Salad—Corner Table
  • Smoked Pork Belly Fried Rice—Haven
  • Soy Banana Toban—Nobu
  • Michelada—The Pastry War

“From our house-made San Bai Zu to our delicious Ponzu, Little Soya soy sauce pairs perfectly with our fresh fish while offering our guests a healthier gluten-free, low-sodium and GMO-free alternative to typical soy sauce,” says Philip Speer, Director of Culinary Operations and Executive Pastry Chef of James Beard Award–winning Uchi restaurants. “This soy sauce is so flavorful that you may often find it in our mixed drinks and even dessert!”

Thomas Buckley, Worldwide Corporate Chef of Nobu restaurants, recalls his reaction after conducting a side-by-side taste comparison: “The taste is like night and day compared to the others.” Little Soya is now used in one of the top-selling desserts at the Nobu location on Hudson Street in New York City.

Originally launched in single-use re-sealable fish-shaped packets, Little Soya launched 5-gallon and half-gallon sizes to meet back-of-house demand. Known as the “Chef Grade” version, the bulk soy sauce is lighter in color, lighter in flavor and a little saltier than the fish-shaped packets, which are used more as a front-of-house condiment than a cooking ingredient.

“When chefs started telling me they had to squeeze hundreds of single-use packets into a container to make enough for their sauces and marinades, I realized it was time to introduce a bulk size,” says Murphy.

With allergies and food intolerances on the rise, Little Soya makes it easy to meet the demands of customers with special dietary needs like gluten sensitivities or sodium restrictions. There’s no need to sacrifice flavor or quality. Because Little Soya is gluten-free, low-sodium, non-GMO and MSG-free, customers with food allergies will find more menu options available, thereby improving profits, generating a higher customer base and enhancing the perception of the restaurant.

Little Soya was founded in 2008 when Murphy was asked to find the “best soy sauce in the world” for the Café Lago buffet being built at Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. After years of research and traveling throughout Asia, Gary finally found the best-tasting soy sauce in a very old region of China.

The original recipe for Little Soya had been handed down for generations throughout China. The Little Soya of today has been refined over the past six years into an exclusive formula. The smooth, rich-tasting umami flavor of the soy sauce has been developed by Murphy with the assistance of several executive chefs, food scientists and soy sauce experts.

Little Soya is made with a hybrid of traditional brewing processes and modern machine-production methods. It can be found in top restaurants from coast to coast, in over 1,000 retailers across the U.S. and on Amazon.com.

From the time of its launch in 2008, Little Soya has become recognized around the country as the leading gluten-free, low-sodium and non-GMO premium soy sauce. It is available in 5.2-gallon bag-in-box, half gallon (1.8L) jug, 8ml single-use fish-shaped packets and coming soon, 150ml glass bottles. For more information, visit www.LittleSoya.com.

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