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By | March 1st, 2009

We need to hear from you once a year, to keep your copy coming to you every month.

I need to devote this month’s Publisher’s Letter to a housekeeping item—specifically, what we need you to do to receive, and keep receiving, Club & Resort Business free of charge. This is a boring subject, but incredibly important.

As you can see, we’ve wrapped a special “circulation qualification” form around the cover of this issue. As a business-to-business magazine, we are required to submit our circulation claims and files to an audit bureau for publications (BPA Worldwide). We are the only magazine serving you that submits to circulation audits, so it is even more important that you help provide this information to us.

Here’s how the process works: A couple of times a year, either through “cover wraps” as with this issue or other mailings, you receive communications from us asking you to fill out a form that provides:

•Who you are (name)
•What you do (title)
•The type of operation you work in (private club, semi-private/daily fee, resort, municipal golf course, city/dining or yacht club)
•Some other useful demographic information
•Your e-mail address
•Your signature, and a date signed

We try to make it easy (as with this month’s cover wrap) for you to return this information to us by fax or mail. But because you tend to ignore these types of forms, we still often need to bother you by telephone to try to get the needed information—a step that is getting more and more difficult (and expensive).

And at some point, there is a deadline. When it comes, we submit the records we have to the auditing organization, so they can verify for our advertisers that Club & Resort Business  goes to who it says it does. And here is the key point: If you don’t respond within 18 months, we have to drop you from our circulation.

When that happens, you will call us or write us or come up to our booth at the Golf Industry Show, and wonder why you don’t get the magazine any more. But we have to do this if you don’t respond. Good magazines—and we are one—don’t carry unverified names longer than 18 months,  because it’s either a sign that a) you don’t care enough to receive the magazine or b) more likely, you have moved and not forwarded your address.

So please take a moment to answer the questions on this issue’s cover wrap, sign your name, date it, and either fax the completed form back to the number provided or mail it to the address shown (as you can see, we’ll pay the postage). Then you’ll be sure to keep getting C&RB each month.

If you prefer an online version, you can visit our circulation website,, to update and renew your subscription. But in whatever form you prefer, we need to hear from you once each year, to keep your copy coming to you every month. Thanks for your help.

Save the Date

We just returned from the first-ever C&RB “Chef to Chef Conference,” held at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas. We had 75 club chefs and managers in attendance and judging from the reaction, it was a four-star hit. The entire event was organized by club chefs for club chefs—but it also had great value for general managers and others involved with F&B.

We’ll have coverage of the Conference in upcoming issues, including a few highlights this month and more extensive reports next month, as part of our annual April “Ideas” issue. The Conference is ideally suited to that issue, as the entire program was built around useful F&B ideas. This will be an annual event, so watch for news about next year’s Conference—and then make plans to come.

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