Golf Car Maintenance Checklist

By | May 1st, 2007
Golf Car Maintenance Checklist

Electric and Gas Models
•Quarterly: Inspect suspension for axle damage, loose hardware, leaking shocks, spring cracks, and alignment; check park and service brake linkage and catch mechanism for wear.
•Semi-annually: Clean and wax all painted surfaces; inspect, adjust, and lubricate all moving front suspension parts.
•Annually: Check rear axle for abnormal noise, leaks, loose hardware, and axle nut torque; clean and adjust entire brake linkage system; replace brake shoes as required.

Electric Models
•Daily: Charge battery.
•Every 2-3 weeks: Check battery electrolyte levels, adding approved water if required.
•Monthly: Clean batteries with baking soda and water solution.
•Quarterly: Listen for audible click from solenoid and micro-switches.

Gas Models

•Weekly: Check fuel gauge operation and clean fuel cap.
•Monthly: Clean battery with baking soda and water solution.
•Quarterly: Check engine wiring for insulation, loose hardware, or corroded terminals; inspect fuel system for leaks or line deterioration.
•Semi-annually: Replace engine oil with correct grade.
•Annually: Verify exhaust system, fuel filter, replace spark plugs, check timing belt, and adjust valves.

Source: E-Z-GO
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