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By | October 1st, 2006

 I subscribe to a lot of consumer magazines, and they all play the same game. They will contact me a year before my subscription runs out, and offer me a swell deal if I renew right now and send them a check. If I don’t bite, they will send me a series of letters sweetening the deal, then one that says, “This is your last chance to continue to get the magazine.” Finally, there will be a series of letters that say, “This time, we really mean it.” This is usually when you get your best deal.

This is the nature of “paid” circulation magazines and they are trying to do two things: A) find out who I am and what I do, and B) get my money. “B,” by the way, trumps “A.” For instance, I am somewhat of an aviation buff, so I subscribe to an aviation business magazine. Because they are a serious magazine for the business of space and aviation, ideally they want me to be an aviation executive. If I am, they can present me (and thousands of others) to their advertisers as “buying influences” to justify their ad rates. But I am not an aviation executive, and I don’t fill out the subscription card—but I do send the money. Just like clockwork, I receive my magazine. On their audit statements, I am classified as “other.”  In short, they want my revenue, and don’t care if I qualify or not.

Club & Resort Business is at the completely other end of the spectrum. We are a “controlled circulation” publication—meaning you do not have to pay to receive the magazine, but you do have to work in the club and resort business and qualify yourself every year by signing a form that says you want to get C&RB. This process makes sure that we only go to qualified club and resort operators. We then can present your name to our circulation bureau and have our reader information audited and confirmed. We then present a composite of our readership to our advertisers, who make their advertising decisions based on this information.

If you don’t respond to our normal qualification efforts, we will keep trying through various means. But if after 18 months you don’t respond in any way, we drop you, because it’s evident that you don’t want to get the magazine.

So if you want to continue to receive Club & Resort Business every month, it’s important that you fill out the re-qualification notice on the right-hand side of this page and send it back to us. Better yet, fill out the form online at www.ezsub.net/crb.
You are very important to us, and we don’t want to lose you.


To renew your FREE subscription go to http://www.ezsub.net/crb  

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