Friday Filmfest: Golf Ball-Sized Hail Pelts Elmhurst GC

High humidity brought rumbling thunderstorms and enormous hail to the Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada golf course this week, giving golfers a surprise out on the green.

The video below was taken at Elmhurst Golf Club just northeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on Wednesday afternoon.

“Imagine going golfing and finding yourself being pelted by golf balls. You think to yourself, ‘Why didn’t they yell fore?’ Then you realize it’s not golf balls: it’s a hailstorm, and there’s nowhere to run,” reported the Winnipeg-based AM 680 CJOB.

High humidity brought rumbling thunderstorms into the area, knocking out power in nearby River Heights and Wolseley. The watches remain in effect but it appears the worst could be over, and the next few days should be sunny and hot, CJOB reported.