U.S. Judge Strikes Down Obama Administration Overtime Pay Rule

By | September 1, 2017

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant in Sherman, Texas stopped the plan to double the maximum salary a worker could earn and still be eligible for overtime pay. Raising the salary maximum to about $47,000 would sweep in management workers who are supposed to be exempt from overtime protections, the judge said.

Disney to Pay Out $3.8 Million for Minimum-Wage Violations

By | March 20, 2017

Payments will be received by more than 16,000 workers at the company’s resorts, parks and Vacation Club division after the Department of Labor found that uniform and “costume” expenses were deducted from their pay, taking it below minimum wage. Employees were also not paid for pre- and post-shift duties, and the company was found to have failed to keep sufficient payroll records.

Litigation Could Shut Down H-2B Visa Program

By | April 14, 2015

The long-running program through the U.S. Department of Labor allows businesses that need non-agricultural, seasonal workers to hire them from outside of the U.S. The department will continue processing applications until April 15.

Carolina Trail Courses Head to Foreclosure, Bankruptcy

By | December 11, 2013

Five golf courses in the Charlotte, N.C., area will go into foreclosure, followed by a bankruptcy filing following a year of lawsuits from lenders, employee wage disputes, and more than $1.2 million of federal tax liens. The owner expects the properties to remain open throughout the process, and Traditional Golf Properties has been managing the courses since November 18.

Police Shut Down Birkdale GC Over Tax Dispute

By | July 3, 2013

The Huntersville, N.C., club was abruptly shut down and locked up for nonpayment of taxes on July 2, in what the N.C. Department of Revenue is calling a “last resort” after judgments of $64,990 and $128,879 for the IRS went unpaid. Jeff Silverstein, owner of Carolina Trail Golf Partners, the club’s parent company, said the closure is a “misunderstanding,” and that “everything’s up to date.”