Hoshizaki’s IM-200BAA Undercounter Ice Machine


Features:  IM-200BAA undercounter ice machine is the perfect solution for country clubs Able to create up to 200 lbs of large, square cubes daily, a 75 lbs built-in storage bin, small footprint, and ENERGY STAR qualified status, this machine is the perfect partner for the bartender who demands top quality, specialty ice Contact: Hoshizaki America, […]

Series Serenity Cubelet Ice Machine, FS-1500MLH-C

  • Produces up to 830 lbs. of chewable cubelet ice per 24 hours
  • Space-saving design; shallow depth provides easy access to the dispenser bin
  • Pump-down cycle allows for more efficient startup; is environmentally friendly and is a low-cost service
  • Condenser and compressor stationed outside the kitchen and away from customer usage, producing less heat and less noise
  • Attractive stainless-steel construction with fewer moving parts

Hoshizaki America, Inc.



GB2060 Series ice machine

  • Two 1,000-lb. machines mounted together, providing redundancy so that if one side should stop working, the other side will keep producing ice
  • Side-by-side machines also take up less space than one 2,000-lb. machine
  • Electronic controls and a water-saving water tank makes machine more energy-efficient
  • Ice harvesting alternates from one machine to the other




High Capacity Ice Machine, KMH-2000S_H(3)


Features: High-capacity, stackable ice machine; ENERGY STAR qualified Frame measures 40” deep and produces up to 1,944 lbs. of ice in 24 hours Space-saving dimensions permit the ice machines to be placed side-by-side, or stacked in the same amount of floor space as a single unit Stainless steel evaporator and HoshiGuard Antimicrobial Agent Available as […]

KM-201B_H Cuber Ice Machine


Features: • Built-in 80 lbs. of ice storage • Measures 24”w x 28”d x 39”h with 6” legs • Produces up to 201 lbs. of ice per 24 hours and has 100 lbs. of built-in storage capacity • Signature stainless-steel evaporator produces individual, crystal-clear crescent cubes • Fewer moving parts and cycles means dependability, longer […]