Televisions have become 
ubiquitous parts of fitness centers. Operators have many options for providing televisions to members, from selecting equipment with screens built in, installing them on walls for community viewing, or adding individual stands in front of cardio equipment.

Functional Fitness


Filling a club’s fitness center with the proper equipment requires a thoughtful balance between member wants and facility needs.

Joe Barks, Editor,

Impressive Shape


Every club that’s made a significant investment in fitness has said it’s been an instant home run—and if anything, they wish they’d stepped up to the plate sooner, and brought a bigger bat.


Blueprints for Wellness


Creating a well-rounded fitness program starts with a practical, attractive facilities foundation, to keep members engaged, active, and on-site.


Taking Proper Cover


SUMMING IT UP Properties should be as diligent in anticipating how claims can occur as in determining what should be protected. Insurers specializing in club policies can often provide additional riders to cost-effectively cover special or new exposures. As fitness continues to grow as a club amenity, so too do the exposures that are added […]


Putting the “Ah” in Spa


Clubs and resorts are stepping up their efforts to create spa facilities with plenty of panache. SUMMING IT UP Design elements should complement spa services. Natural elements like water, wood and rocks can help to add a sense of tranquility. When possible, position spas front and center, for members and guests to see right away. […]