October 2017

Seven Ideas for Small-Plate Menus


The chefs of Oak Hill CC and La Grange CC found that small-plate success is largely dependent on responding to member preference. Small plates and downsized dishes are ubiquitous. They cater to members looking for smaller portions, as well as those looking to dance around a menu and try multiple dishes at once. Chefs also […]

Manager to Chef

How Dearborn CC Landed a CMC


At Dearborn (Mich.) Country Club, General Manager/COO Bruce Lilley and Executive Chef Michael Russell, CMC, are working hard to reinvent the dining program. Bruce Lilley doesn’t shy away from a challenge. So when Dearborn (Mich.) Country Club asked him to take over as General Manager and Chief Operating Officer nearly six months ago, with the […]

Chefs at Work

Best Practices for Controlling Food Costs


Four club chefs share insights into how they keep costs in line. Without constant vigilance, food costs can spiral out of control. And the subsequent “solutions”—raising prices, lowering quality, or worse—can be damaging to a club’s food-and-beverage operation. The better way to maintain a budgeted cost structure is to control it in a sustained fashion. […]