October 2016

The Small Plate Debate


For some clubs, small plates are great. But for others, they can pose big problems that require smart solutions. Small plates have many advantages. They allow members to sample a wide variety of dishes; they’re casual and sharable; they can be pieced together to form a meal, or be enjoyed as a snack between or […]

C&RB's Chef to Chef, Equipment

The Right Combination


When fully understood and wielded properly, combis can be a club kitchen’s most versatile tool. Talk to any club chef who’s familiar with combi-oven technology and chances are you’ll find that they don’t just like it—they love it. But for the uninitiated, these workhorse ovens can be both intimidating and somewhat baffling in their uses, […]

C&RB's Chef to Chef, Food & Beverage

5 Tips for Brewing a House Beer


As one of the only country clubs brewing on property, Arlington Club has learned a thing or two about beer. Portland, Ore.’s Arlington Club has been brewing its own beer since 2012. Spearheaded by Executive Chef Leonard Greco and General Manager Mike Legg, the club’s program has grown from very small seasonal batches to one […]