June 2018

Worth Repeating


Occasionally we hear from someone who wants to squabble with why we always call these special issues a collection of “new ideas,” because in that person’s view they’re really not. To which our reply is always, you’re right—and you’re wrong. Our June 2018 issue was the 12th time around for our annual collection of some […]

C&RB Club Feature, Publisher's Letter

You Get What You Pay For


If you are paying a premium for seasonal help above the regional average, you become the place people want to work, as opposed to where people are willing to work. As the club season kicks into full gear, we are going to be faced with something we haven’t faced before: full employment. I cannot walk […]

Products at Work

Serving the Cause


With a big boost from a sponsor that has helped to attract wide-ranging support, the Chicago Club Chefs Association continues to grow as a valuable educational, charitable and collegial organization. Volunteering can often bring back that feeling we all got as a kid after seeing an inviting pond or lake and eagerly running down to […]

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A World of Pride


The Army and Navy Club and The Country Club of Virginia have promoted fun ways to encourage members to proudly display their club affiliations from the farthest corners of the globe. Getting members to keep their clubs front-of-mind while they’re going about their daily routines at home is a primary and constant challenge for every […]