January 2017


Balancing Brunch Menus


Whether it’s a special event or a monthly occasion, clubs are now featuring a variety of classic and modern dishes for the breakfast-lunch combination. As club dining skews more casual, brunch has also evolved into a bold and boozy, less-formal dining occasion. Fittingly, menus for meals designed for this breakfast-lunch combination now feature modern spins […]

Manager to Chef

Putting F&B in Perspective


As a former chef, Carolina Country Club’s COO/GM, Jack Slaughter, has deep respect for the work and challenges faced by club chefs, especially CCC’s Executive Chef Patrick Colley. As a former chef, Jack Slaughter, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of Carolina Country Club (CCC) in Raleigh, N.C., has a unique perception of food-and-beverage programs. […]

Featured Recipes

Sous Vide Salmon with Bittersweet Meyer Lemon Sauce


Ingredients: 4 oz. piece salmon, seared very rare on serving side, and chilled 1 tbsp. compound butter 1 sprig fennel ½ tbsp. olive oil 16 ozs. cut lemons, peel and all 12 ozs. sugar 1 oz. olive oil Procedure: Place chilled salmon, compound butter, fennel and olive oil in a small bag and vacuum-seal it […]

Dennis Mandragona, Executive Chef of Essex Fells CC, uses modern techniques like sous vide to enhance the club’s menu and operation.

Club Cooking the Modern Way


New technology and techniques are expanding club chefs’ ability to elevate their cuisine. Cooking sits at the intersection of science and art. And new technology and techniques—from sous vide and spherification to liquid nitrogen and emulsifiers—are expanding club chefs’ ability to elevate their cuisine in efficient, interesting and delicious ways. Balancing Classic and Modern Gerard […]

Editor's Memo

Five Reasons You Should Attend Chef to Chef


I love January. Not only is it my birthday month, but there’s this sense of calm that washes across the industry this time of year. You’ve all been hustling for the past two months trying to do more with less, and now you’re finally able to stop, catch your breath, get some sleep, see your […]

Cover Feature

Jonathan Club has a Passion for Quality


Executive Chef Jason McClain has led Los Angeles’ Jonathan Club to nearly $20 million in F&B revenue with an unmatched dedication to excellence. As one of the largest food-and-beverage operations in the club industry, with nearly $20 million in F&B revenues, Los Angeles’ Jonathan Club operates under a simple philosophy: Passion for Quality. Jonathan Club […]