April 2017

Satisfying Vegans and Vegetarians


As more members and guests opt for meat-free lifestyles, club chefs are coming up with clever, well-crafted vegetable and grain-focused dishes. Trying to make braised beef short ribs without beef is a basically an exercise in futility. But it’s possible, club chefs report, to create delicious meat-free dishes to satisfy the growing demand for vegetarian […]


Buffets That Go Outside the Box


Buffets take members and guests beyond the normalcy of everyday dining to offer something new and different. Club chefs are known for unleashing their creativity on buffets. These spreads offer a unique chance to showcase something new and different—both on the menu and with how what’s served can be presented and displayed. For some, buffets […]


Seasonal Sides


Chefs are rounding out main dishes with seasonal accompaniments. As club and resort chefs continue to incorporate seasonal foods into menus, sides offer the perfect playground to highlight the very best ingredients at their peak. At Basin Harbor Resort in Vergennes, Vt., Christian Kruse, Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Director, builds menus for the […]