Gourmet to Go


Summing It Up • Take-out meals are popular with busy men and women who need to find quick ways to provide good food for their families. • Members tend to choose classic homestyle dishes to take home with them. • Packaging is just as important as the taste of the food it contains. • A […]

Freshen Up


With ingredients inspired by the season and the region, soups and sandwiches can move beyond the “same ole.”

Cutting Cookies Any Way He Likes


For this issue’s special focus, I thought it would make sense to speak with someone with a lot of culinary experience at properties run by golf management companies, to explore what might be different for chefs and F&B-types working in those settings. Certainly, Aaron Walters has as much expertise in this regard as anyone. After […]

What’s In Your Meals?


Your dining rooms and grills can be critical battlegrounds for members and guests who are trying to eat healthier. To be a good ally, emphasize “good vs. bad” rather than “less vs. more.”

An 0pen Where Everyone Wins


When I began to conceive the “Chef to Chef ” interview for this issue, I realized that I have a few things in common with Steven Haverson, Executive Chef at Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, N.Y. Our respective clubs have hosted the last two U.S. Amateur Championships (Winged Foot in 2004, Merion in ’05). […]

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