How Pinehurst Will Feed Its U.S. Open Crowds


In my role as a frequent contributor to Club & Resort Business, I plan to make it a regular practice to contact my counterparts around the country to get ideas on how they approach the common challenges that we all face as executive chefs in club and resort settings. Certainly, one of the biggest challenges […]

The Club Chef’s Institute


When I received the brochure for the first-ever “Club Chef’s Institute” (CCI) late last summer, I stopped dead in my tracks. Could this really be as perfectly timed and conceived an event as it appeared to be? To begin with, the CCI would be held in late fall, when executive chefs like me are always […]

Lemon Confit Seared Chicken Breast


    This dish is served with roasted rosemary yukon potatoes and seasonal vegetables   Recipe (serves 12): 12 10 oz air line breasts 2 lbs yukon gold potato (quartered)1 bottle chardonnay wine24 garlic cloves3 cups demi glace de poulet2 tbsp rosemary (fresh, chopped)4 oz heavy cream3 tbsp olive oil4 oz whole sweet butter6 tbsp […]

Apple Strawberry Rhubarb Buckle


A buckle is simply a baked dessert made with yellow cake batter. It can also be topped with streusel crumbs. We use small, disposable baking cups. It is served warm with crème anglaise, a dollop of whipped vanilla cream and rich ice cream. You can also accompany it with strawberry preserve and a shaved chocolate […]

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