Prime Rib 102


San Antonio Country Club’s Executive Chef Nelson Millán demos how to refine prime rib by eliminating the excess internal fat, connecting tissue and silver skin to create a solid and more “meaty” steak. Tender, juicy prime rib is a staple in almost every foodservice venue in America. But as per my observation as the Executive […]

Peru: A Culinary Paradise


As the Executive Chef of San Antonio Country Club, Nelson Millán stays fresh by traveling to new places and experiencing new cuisines. Editor’s Note: At the 2017 Chef to Chef Conference in Atlanta, March 5-7, Nelson Millán, Executive Chef, San Antonio Country Club, San Antonio, Texas will present a session called “World of Flavors: Bringing […]

Cooking Chooses You—Not the Reverse


Nelson Millán, Executive Chef of San Antonio CC, planned on becoming a lawyer, but fell in love with the art of cooking and never looked back. I debated for a few days on what to write for my very first blog post with C&RB’s Chef to Chef. I concluded that before I start writing about […]