What You Need to Know Before Buying Sous Vide Equipment


Before buying any equipment, be sure to evaluate your property’s needs as they relate to capacity, as well as temperature range and accuracy. Temperature-controlled sous vide cooking has become an indispensable technique for many club chefs. It’s much simpler than its fancy name might suggest. Ingredients are sealed in a plastic bag or canning jar […]

Ushering In Upscale Ice Cream


For Gulf Stream GC and Oakmont CC, small-batch, homemade ice cream is the perfect component for creative a la carte desserts. Ice cream is a highly social and nostalgic sweet that members crave.It’s also the perfect canvas that lets club pastry chefs experiment and create upscale a la carte desserts. At Gulf Stream Golf Club […]

Seven Ideas for Small-Plate Menus


The chefs of Oak Hill CC and La Grange CC found that small-plate success is largely dependent on responding to member preference. Small plates and downsized dishes are ubiquitous. They cater to members looking for smaller portions, as well as those looking to dance around a menu and try multiple dishes at once. Chefs also […]

Pimento Cheese Babka

Inside Forsyth CC’s New Bread Program


The Winston-Salem, N.C. club’s comprehensive bread program caters to members’ tastes and preferences. Bread is the staff of life, and more clubs are paying closer attention to the breads they serve to their members. Such is the case at Forsyth Country Club (Winston-Salem, N.C.), where the newly appointed Pastry Chef, Cody Middleton, is in the […]

How the CC of Buffalo Transformed Its Dining Operation and Itself


GM/COO Tim Minahan and recently appointed Executive Chef Joe Piazza plan to take the Country Club of Buffalo—and its newly renovated dining spaces—to the next level. For old-line clubs deeply rooted in history and tradition, change can be difficult. But when change is embraced, it can lead to a dynamic and often positive shift in […]