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By | April 6th, 2017

Salmon Run Golf Course, Brookings, Ore.

A new tent pavilion at Salmon Run Golf Course provides more options for guests and additional revenue streams for the brand.

In recent years, Salmon Run Golf Course’s aspirations of expanding its event-hosting opportunities were limited by the size of its facilities. “Our clubhouse isn’t huge,” says Val Early, General Manager of Early Management Team, Inc., which manages the municipal golf course in Brookings, Ore.

After evaluating the options, Early’s team decided on a tent pavilion, to help boost usable space and give guests and the event coordination group more options.

Salmon Run Golf Course
Brookings, Ore.

Size: 1,600 sq. ft.
Manufacturer: A&L Products, Inc.
Materials: Steel-framed structure with vinyl laminate and vinyl windows
Flooring: Concrete, with carpeting available

The property had a perfect spot for the pavilion. Located near the parking lot and restrooms—and just outside the back door to the clubhouse—the new structure offers easy access for guests. “It’s especially nice because they don’t need to come through the clubhouse,” Early notes.

While a very basic pavilion structure had existed on the property for 12 years, the club permanently installed the new tent pavilion in late June 2016. As a result, the area was level and ready for building, eliminating the need for expensive site prep.

Located in a valley with a creek running through it, the property features stunning scenery, but the area is subject to high winds. “That was the only structural issue we had to deal with,” Early explains. “We had to have it rated for 115-mile-per-hour winds.”

The pavilion’s footprint was limited as a result—the installed size is 40’ by 40’—but the addition of a few guide wires has ensured that everything remains stable, even in the face of severe weather. The steel-framed pavilion, constructed of American-made vinyl laminate with vinyl windows, features extra braces in the roof and along the sides.

Maroon canvas awnings over each doorway, with the main entrance featuring the words “Salmon Run” in script, were added post-installation, with aluminum frames fitting them to the doors. An adjacent power station provides all of the pavilion’s electrical needs, including lighting, heat and A/C.

Structural rigidity in the face of high winds wasn’t the only concern. Winter conditions in Brookings also bring chilly temperatures and a good amount of rain. Early on, the Salmon Run staff discovered that the combination of wind and rain made the billowing sidewalls rather noisy, so the sides were tacked down. The adjustments have made the structure quiet and comfortable for year-round use, and it has even become a popular spot for rainy-day golf practice.

Maroon canvas awnings were added to the tent pavilion post-installation, featuring “Salmon Run” in white script.

With the addition of the pavilion, the club has been able to expand the number and type of events it can accommodate, and has improved how the property can be used as the busy season sets in. “During the summer especially, we can utilize it and not impact the golfers or the course itself,” Early says.

The pavilion has already hosted weddings, receptions and a retirement dinner. Events that may have previously overlapped with other activities on the property can now be managed without fear of disruption. “We have organizations, such as Toys for Tots, that do fundraising golf tournaments here,” Early explains. “They can set up in the pavilion without impacting our restaurant or our pro shop.”

It didn’t take long for word to get out to the community about the pavilion’s availability. Photos and information about the new structure were featured in the Salmon Run GC newsletter and website, and local advertising that extended out to a 100-mile radius also helped spread the news.

The pavilion, with its open-air setting and convenient amenities, was a quick hit. “Right now we have about 11 events scheduled [for the year], starting in early April through the middle of September,” Early reports.

Though already an appealing property, the addition of the white structure against the lush, green grass makes for a strong visual statement and has added to the attractiveness of the course. “It’s such a wonderful little facility,” Early says. “It’s been a great addition to our venue.”

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