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By | March 7th, 2017
  • Elevate casual moments with a trendy vibe with the Infinium collection of premium plastic drinkware.
  • Made of 100 percent BPA-free Tritancopolyester and crafted for the demands of use in foodservice.
  • Infinium mimics the clarity of glass, is virtually unbreakable and retains its beauty longer than other plastic substrates.
  • Infinium provides the kind of replacement-reducing performance that acrylic, SAN and polycarbonate cannot match.
  • The Infinium range has been expanded to include new stemless, 14-ounce beverage, double old-fashioned, schooner and 16-ounce mixing glasses.
  • Qualities of the Infinium collection include temperature resilience, remarkable durability and industry-leading resistance to virtually all stains, odors and tainting of beverage flavors.
  • Infinium tumblers are designed to stack without sticking together, reducing storage space.
  • Infinium is the perfect choice for foodservice venues, including poolside, cruise ships, outdoor dining and nightclubs.

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