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By | March 1st, 2017

Will these five drink trends influence your operation’s beverage menus?

For members and guests, cocktails have become a more important part of the overall dining experience, rather than an afterthought. So as unique libations continue to move into the spotlight, club and resort properties are finding clever ways to elevate their beverage menus to reflect current trends.peppermelon

The 2017 Culinary & Cocktails Trend Forecast, compiled by Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, cites five leading cocktail trends for 2017 that could be incorporated into bar menus and drink specials. While not a scientific study, Kimpton’s research is based on data and information from more than 70 properties in over 30 U.S. cities. (The forecast’s findings were uncovered via an extensive survey of chefs, sommeliers, general managers and bartenders.)

“When it comes to culinary trends, Kimpton chefs and bartenders are on the hunt for the flavors and techniques that tantalize taste buds and expand diners’ culinary universe,” says Alex Taylor, Kimpton’s Senior Vice President of Restaurants & Bars. “These are the most creative and cutting-edge concepts that will pepper menus in the coming year.”

According to the forecast, cocktail enthusiasts can expect to see the following trends come to life in 2017:

  1. Adding a culinary twist to classic cocktails, with unique ingredients like roasted grapes, salt-roasted plantains, smoked tomato water, puréed red pepper, snap peas, corn, or even pickling brine, to create either sweet or savory culinary cocktails
  2. South American-inspired cocktails, like a Caipirinha using mezcal, cachaça, jalapeño-infused cachaça, serrano chili syrup or pisco
  3. Fat-washing cocktails, with alternative, non-meat-based fats like milk, coconut and peanut butter
  4. Wine and cheese remain the top food-and-drink pairing, but fresh new combinations like oysters and gin or sherry and fries will emerge as chefs and bartenders collaborate more on tasting menus and small plates
  5. Signature cocktails developed out of fermented beverages, like Kombucha, ginger beer and coconut kefir, will lead to creations like a cranberry-and-tangerine Kombucha cocktail

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