Chef Håkan Lundberg Brings First-Class Dining to Minneapolis Club

By | April 8th, 2015

Swedish ChefThe Swedish native aims to make meals memorable for members, no matter when they dine.

Chef Håkan Lundberg has worked for highly-acclaimed Minneapolis restaurants, including Aquavit with Chef Marcus Samuelson and, later, Cosmos in the Loews Minneapolis Hotel (formerly known as the Graves 601 Hotel). He left his position at Cosmos four years ago to join the Minneapolis Club because of “the direction the club was taking their food and service, and the balance of work and family life it could offer,” Lundberg told Jen Sandbo in Redcurrent.

Since joining the Minneapolis Club, Chef Lundberg has focused on serving the highest-quality ingredients and creating exceptional dining experiences.

“I would say we specialize in the occasion,” he said. “If it’s a lunch sandwich, we make sure it’s a freshly-made sandwich with prime ingredients. [For] dinner, come in for comfort food at the bar, or come join us for a nine-course tasting menu at the kitchen table where each menu is designed to blow you mind.”

On any given day, Chef Lundberg sees 30-40 people for breakfast, 50-80 for lunch and 25-35 dinner guests. Among diners, the burger options are usually the most popular, Redcurrent reported.

“We have [a] Wagyu burger, grass-fed beef burger, Ahi tuna burger, Freekeh burger, wild acres turkey burger,” Chef Lundberg said. “[All] are served on our house-made burger bun, grilled onions, relish and house-made smoked tomato ketchup.”

When Redcurrent asked about his favorite dish, Chef Lundberg said it varies.

“Whatever is new is exciting for me. Some things will never come off the menu, while some things are only on for a few weeks and then replaced,” he says.

This year, Chef Lundberg will begin growing vegetables on a one-acre lot, bringing the freshest possible ingredients to member’s tables. he plans to “harvest the plants at all different stages of their growing cycle and be able to serve dishes that other people might not be able to.”

In addition to day-to-day dining needs, Chef Lundberg also works on the club’s special events. For most events, he has 100 percent control over the menu and he can do just about anything that might fit the theme of the event. For special club member run events, Chef Lundberg is a co-planner, Redcurrent reported.

If his plate wasn’t already packed with menu planning and special events, Chef Lundberg also creates extraordinary desserts. He came up with the idea of adding bonfire ice cream to a dish consisting of baked stuffed Fuji apple, marshmallows, raisin, caramel sauce and streusel, Redcurrent reported.

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